Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Coming.

The real world, that is. And it is coming faster than I could possibly imagine - despite all the friends and family who tried so valiantly to warn me college would fly by.

Today was only a half day at work (boo less pay! Boo! Yay time to be productive!) and I spent the day at Mum's, glued to the computer. I spent hours pouring over every corner of the Internet looking at dance companies, internships, apprenticeships, tours, and auditions auditions auditions.

Weighing grad schools and options, imagining myself in various cities. New York, of course. But also Philly and Baltimore, maybe Washington DC or or Montreal. San Francisco even . . . who knows? As of right now, I don't. Not for sure, anyway.

I cannot wait to find out.

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