Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 Thank You

Today's Thank You is designed for "Someone Who Gave You An Opportunity."  I had a handful of people in mind, but ended up thanking my friend V.  He's an absolutely amazing guy I've met here at school: he's a sophomore this year as a twenty-something who is several years older than I am.  He's already been to college, had a successful performing career, a debilitating injury, a serious relationship and comfortable lifestyle he walked away from to go back to school and start over again.  He picked a new major and a new state and began the next phase of his arts career, which I think is bold and brave and brilliant.  He is colorful, loud, creative, emotional, courageous, and firmly himself in every conceivable way.

The opportunities he's provided me have been wonderful: chances to work and perform and occasionally be able to say my work is performing.  But of equal importance is the opportunities he's provided me as a person: he has helped me see my own worth and talent.  He has been a supportive friend to have in my life, a fellow artist to share the lens through which I view my world.  So thank you, V.  Thank you for everything.

Obviously "V," is not his name, nor is it generally what I call him.  However I didn't ask his permission before writing about him, and I will not use folks' name's without their permission for privacy and publicity (as performing artists are name is part of our product) sake.

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