Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clark House, the Tour.

This is my housing for Sophomore year.  Can you believe it?  I've lived in three story converted houses every semester so far.  Man, adjusting to regular college housing will probably be tough!

The Front of My Home for Sophomore Year.

A shot of the side, from our drive way.

Right inside the front door.

Detail on the pillars

Some more detail on some more pillars

Living Room

Up the stairs . . .

Don't miss the window between levels!

As you enter the room, if you turn your head towards the left.

My side of the room

From the window towards the door.

My drawer + Pillows + Good luck kitty + Jewelry box + ihome +Bible

There are lots and lots and lots more pictures - like this one of our ceiling fan!

and of our kitchen, yard, wrap around porch, elegant trees, etc.  But I figure this is a good sample, yes?

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