Friday, April 8, 2011


The bane of every performer's existence.  We'd kill to get one, pray for them every night, prepare for them everyday, spend all our money on headshots and training before them, scoure the internet and newspapers and grapevine for word of one. . . and we absolutely hate them.  At least I do - and I know most of my friends feel the same way.  I can't help but be a little exicted for the ones I have lined up right now though.  Tomorrow morning/afternoon I'm auditioning for summer stock at a local theater back home.  They're season includes "Singin' In the Rain," which is one of my absolutel favorite musicals - and probably my favorite movie musical - and "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum," Stephen Sondheim's first all original, all his own work.  I'm armed with a brand new, beautiful color headshot thanks to my incredibly talented friend at  I revamped my resume, updating it to include things like my Irene Ryan Alternate nomination, and my MTE class under the training.  I also really enjoy both the shows, and am very very very very motivated to really dive into the auditioning process.  I've watched my beautful, talented, and excpetional friend Mary-Elizabeth bust her ass since December auditioning EVERY SINGLE weekend for company after company, so she has employment when she graduates.  And lemme tell ya folks, the girl is a gorgeous. . . it's inspired me to really up my game in the auditioning arena.  I need to build my resume, get my name out there, get the ball rolling.  If it's taking Mary-Elizabeth her whole senior year to find something, Lord knows it's going to take me even longer.  So I think the audition should go well, just based on my energy level. . .a at least thats what I'm hoping!

I also throroughly enjoy both the shows and have really improved my vocals this semester, so I think I should be ok.  The frustrating thing is I just know I could be a valuable member of the cast: I work hard, I'm a good dancer, a good actress, and a solid, reliable singer.  I love the rehearsal process and being on stage: even the longest rehearsals are usually (hey no one's perfect!) fun for me, and the faculty here at my school have really beaten professionalism into us.  I just hope I have the chance to be that cast member!

Then on Monday I'm auditioning for a dance company - a brand new dance company - here!  My modern teacher is starting his own company, and has opened up the auditioning process to a handful of us in the upper level classes.  Monday during class time it is!  I would so LOVE to be able to be a part of the inaugural performance this fall - it really should be beautiful, his choreography always is!

I'd appreciate it greatly blogosphere, if you could wish me "Merde," and broken legs these next few days!

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  1. break a leg you bonafide ballerina! You can do eeet!

    That Mary Elizabeth person. What a babe :)