Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Please Help.

Hello there  - I apologize for my hiatus.  I promise in the next post I will explain myself.  Right now I have something more important to talk write about.  I need your help - actually, there are six lovely people that need your help.  Do you remember the tornados that hit Massachusetts a few weeks back?  My beautiful friend (and birthday sister!) Alivia was teaching at a dance studio in Monson MA when two tornados ripped through the town - if you'd like to read about her experiencing the tornados with a class of little girls and a smattering of parents, please go to here, to her blog Alivia Thinks This.

Like the wonderful person she is, Alivia went straight from this terrifying experience to helping others: her six students, who lost everything in the tornados.  Everything - homes, clothes, children's toys, dancer's leotards, beds, family heirlooms.  Everything.  Alivia is trying to raise funds for these students, to help them rebuild their lives.  You can help by donating here, or by spreading the word.  Every penny counts: every time someone spreads the word, we get closer to our goal ($1,000 to be shared among the six): every prayer and positive thought helps.  So please - if you can do anything to help (be it donate, spread the word, or say some prayers) it would be endlessly appreciated.

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