Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello There Friend

I did it again.

I neglected my poor blog, for almost a whole month this time.

I really must stop doing this: it isn't fair.  The biggest reason it happened this time was my computer.  My trusty, lovely, loyal Macbook.  Something went wrong with the circuit board, and I had to bring it in to be fixed.  Thankfully, I have wonderful relatives, who purchased me the best (and longest, ahem) warranty out there, and all of my work was covered under warranty.  Yay!

In addition to the fact that I have been busy  - which is really no excuse when I look at some of my blogging friends and all the wonderful things they manage to produce in their real lives and their blogs.  Tsk-tsk and shame on me.  However for the rest of the summer, I promise to keep you much better updated!  I really do love blogging just far too much not too.  So what have you been up to, my internet friends?  My life has been full of:


*chocolate cake making



*panicking over broken computers

*convincing Boyfriend to cut. his. hair. (he did! and it looks so good!)

*Using my 20 lb weights everyday

*listening to music to keep myself inspired.

*traveling too and from and too and from and too again. . .

*children: dancing, rolling, punching, watching sponge bob, drawing pictures.

So you know, the usual stuff.  And I can't wait to keep sharing more of it with you!

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