Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Thought and Sleepy Words.

I am tired.  These ever changing hours of going to sleep, waking up, and going about my day are no good for anyone.  Least of all an insomniac.

I would really like a little pet of my own.  My doggies are wonderful: two of the sweetest and most personality filled animals on the planet.  They are however big dogs.  The sort of dogs you can't really have in an apartment, like the kind I will be spending the next several years of my life in.  I miss having bunnies.  I would love a kitty.  I've always wanted a ferret.  Hey, don't judge - they're very smart and full of energy and personality.  And they're just cute enough.  Not glitter and cupcake cute, but I-might-take-a-bite-of-you-yet-you-cannot-resist-scratching-my-belly-cute.

There is a beautiful, formal wedding only a few weeks away.  One of my dearests is getting married.  And I still have nothing to wear.  Shoot.

It is so frustrating not having enough money to do anything or go anywhere.  Looks like I'll be missing the Celtics Dancer's Try Out this weekend. . . because I can't afford to go.  Oh well, more time to work on getting in shape I suppose.

Somedays I feel like the head counselor at Lonely Hearts Day Camp.  I love you, darlings, and I hope I can help. . . but sometimes I'm just not sure what to say.

This stream-of-concious-style-writing is a little uncomfortable for me.  Not enough structure.

Ooops, now you all know I'm a wee bit OCD.

I can't wait for fall semester and all the awesome stuff I get to be part of.

I am terrified of having agreed to too much for fall semester.

My new mantra (especially for stressed-out days):

Let Go And Let God.

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