Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Since Last I Wrote You:

I've been very very busy.  Isn't that always the case?  There was the weekend spent meeting Boyfriend's extended family, several days full of lobster, Apples to Apples (I'd never played!  It was so much fun!  Why had no one told me of this?), laughing, baked goods, and praying I'd remembered everyone's name/how they were related.

There was the panic when I realized how soon I go back to school.  Which is wonderful - I miss all of my amazing, ridiculous, talented, funny, and passionate friends.  I am ready for the push of gaining new knowledge, the challenge of mastering a new subject/class/task.  I miss my boss - I know, ridiculous right?  But you guys have never met him!  Awesome is an understatement.  I'm excited to live with a dear friend, in a tiny little school-provided apartment of our own, furnished with nothing but inventiveness and enthusiasm.  I'm ready to dance everyday, to have access to the (brand new!!!!) gym, to start the rehearsal process, meet the new faculty, try my hand again at choreographing, etc. etc. et. al.

But.  There is always a but, isn't there?  Goodbyes.  Long-distance.  No pets - no garden.  Homework.  Packing.  My Lord in heaven, the packing. . .

I've also been working - a full time job is, well, a full time job after all!  And what a job.  Kids and trampolines, emails and apples.  Waking up early and coming home with Goldfish-orange fingers, sunscreen scented skin, and grass stained jeans. 

Boyfriend & I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary.  We staid in and ate junk food and cuddled the dogs and watched movies.  It rained, and I was fighting a cold, so we had tea.  The best word I can thin of is "content."  With the moment, the relationship, the long-term future (because the short-term has some speed bumps ahead, sigh).

Oh, and he bought me a new camera.  To replace the one that was broken on my flight to Trinidad in the spring. 

So, since last I wrote, friends, I've been quite busy.  How about you?

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